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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The London Aquarium

As I mentioned in my other blog, Jeremy and I went to the aquarium this week. The front entrance was pretty impressive, lots of interesting lighting and several tubes of water with glowing jellyfish in them.

There were so many amazing fish there, I have weed out about 40 pictures for this post. Here are the ones that I thought turned out really well.

This pufferfish has the creepiest eyes I've ever seen - instead of a regular eyeball, it's a bunch of little glowing blue dots.

Not sure that I'd eat that kind of shrimp... they're way too pretty

Sometimes they swam a little too quickly and I couldn't get a decent picture
Creepy piranhas

Strange mini-eels starting at themselves in the mirror

This was the weirdest fish we'd ever seen - they look normal for a little while, then suddenly flatten out like something squashed them. They swim like rays, but look like flattened fishes. Very strange.

Giant goldfish

A tiger shark looking like he's getting hungry...


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